After “Lampedusa“, the beautiful single in which we had the pleasure of diving a short time ago (if you missed it, find it here), talented English composer and producer Tim Pitt, also known with the stage name Equalisation, returns to satisfy us with a new, profound and rewarding listening experience.

We are talking about “Plateau“, a new project that Equalisation has created in collaboration with Bob Smith, aka Static Dive, a musician of undoubted skill, who is also a producer, writer, as well as the editor of the music blog that share with us at the mission of promoting new and emerging artists.

The result of the prolific collaboration between Equalisation and Static Dive is something amazing. Those who have been following us for some time know that we’re not in the habit of using exaggerated terms when there is no reason. In talking about “Plateau” we find ourselves in the opposite situation.

The surgical perfection that Equalisation and Static Dive have in manipulating the developments of musical argumentation in “Plateau” is formidable.

The extraordinary sensitivity they have in managing and presenting the elements that follow one another organically in the sound spectra is formidable.

The way in which the mutability of these spectra immerses us in deep, introspective atmospheres to then drag us into vitalizing, pulsating ascents towards pinnacles that open wide in suspensions out of space and time, is formidable.

The way in which the structure of the song develops, following what almost feels like a mathematical pattern similar to an infinite chain of rings that appear and disappear one after the other, their beginning and end never in sight, is formidable.

Equalisation // “Plateau” - single cover
Equalisation // “Plateau” - single cover

And we could continue to use the word “formidable” for hours, talking about the exquisite choices made with regard to the harmonization, or the genius way the motif of the melody repeats itself for almost all the 4 and a half minutes of the song but always feels new, each and every time.

In “Plateau” there is all the awareness, talent and skills of two artists who have a lot of experience behind them. We know that they are already working together on a new project. Do you want to guess what word we would like to use to define this news?

Plateau” will be available from February 7th on all major digital stores, and can already be pre-saved at this [ link ].

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