Next to be released on April 3, 2020, the talented producer Tim Pitt aka Equalisation, introduces his new EP ‘My Love’, a project whose title track is a celebration of the joy and beauty of creating electronic music and the thousands of hours of pleasure that artists gain from producing their music.

In anticipation of the launch of the EP, available in pre-save via Distrokid’s hyperfollow link, Equalisation has released two remixes of the track ‘My Love’, signed respectively by Canadian producer RDT, aka Richard Tyler, and by Erik Strauss, a DJ producer from Venice, Italy.

Having had to start with Equalisation’s already formidable and captivating original version of the piece, we imagine that Tyler and Strauss didn’t find any difficulty when looking for inspiration to develop their remixes. But never as in this case have the two derivative versions acquired even more character than the original.

Coining a meaning in tune with the jargon of those who engage in musical analysis, we could define Erik’s remix as a kick-driven song. Yes, perhaps ours is a somewhat unhappy meaning, but the way in which Strauss rewrote the kick of his remix could easily be taken as a starting point to write a manual on this subject.

Of course, the Venetian DJ/producer is not new to certain compositional prowess. Just listen to his brilliant album ‘Urbanature’ – an unmissable release you can find on Spotify [here]. Therefore there’s no wonder in hearing the impeccable workmanship, surgically balanced in the mix and intelligently developed in the dynamics, through which he puts together his percussive and synth sounds. They are a joy for the ears that blends into a suspensive outro that, playing like a sort of “to be continued”, refers to an exquisite parallelism with that infinite creative vein that pushes every musician to continue creating new music.

Listen now to Erik Strauss’ remix of My Love from Equalisation, the official video of which is already available on Youtube [ here ] and presave Equalisation’s ‘My Love’ EP via Distrokid’s hyperfollow at the link

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