Empty Banks // Where We Go - artwork

Stimulating us to reflect on who we are, Empty Banks pushes us to realize what may have gone wrong within ourselves or in the whole of a soured relationship.

Empty Banks

Moved by the strong push of this self-analysis, ‘Where We Go’ is a song with an edifying and revealing musical aesthetic, in which the full depth and authenticity of Empty Banks’ personal journey shines through, together with how this path has led him to some important realizations. Like any process of personal growth, this one too inevitably also contains moments of pain and hard pills to swallow that, however, lead us to a happier life perspective.

Banks’ musings draw inspiration from some of his own past relationships. As he explains:

“I often think about relationships from my past, and what went wrong in each of them. What went wrong with me, them, or even just the circumstances, why they didn’t work out regardless of either of us. I look at the people that I have been with and I can’t say how lucky I am to have gotten to spend time with some of these amazing girls. But I was hard on them. I want to say it was because I wanted to get the best out of them, but I pushed too hard a lot of the time and wound up just being a dick. “

The message of ‘Where We Go’ thus leads us to learn how important it is to be yourself, to be as authentic and sincere as Empty Banks’ genuine vocal performance, that without artifices or frills reaches us in all its personal uniqueness.

Acoustically atmospheric, ‘Where We Go’ is an indie-style pop rock song that appears simple on the surface, and that contains within itself a penetrating message of uplifting growth. This is a song to listen to to sink deeper in its meaning and make it your own.

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