A number with an engaging beat that is her new means to show her versatility to the world.

Young and talented, Emmy’Anna is a young independent singer-songwriter who is building her path in the world of music. She loves composing music, having ventured into this creative field since her childhood: in fact, Emmy’Anna began writing lyrics at the tender age of 8, and she’s been rapping since she was thirteen years old.

In the wake of her previous releases, Emmy’Anna continues to grow and impress her audience with songs capable of attracting the attention of each listener, providing increasingly interesting productions with each of her releases. Her latest single, titled “What Is It About Boys“, is an energizing and engaging number, kept in motion by a beat with a gripping groove, on which develops a catchy melody that is remarkable for the balanced use of vocoder, just enough for further characterizing Emmy’Anna‘s vocal performance.

If there’s an artist from the whole of the hip-hop scene, not just from the female side, that you want to keep an eye on, surely it’s Emmy’Anna.

Listen now to “What Is It About Boys“, the latest single from Emmy’Anna, already available on Spotify [ here ], and find out more about her music on: