An upbeat country song that blends electronic-pop elements and an acoustically driven rhythm with soaring vocals, the summertime story at the heart of the song carries a deeper message for the Peterborough, Ontario native.

‘Free’ is the first release from Saunders, that take place in an exciting wave of new music, part of her planned album – also called “Free” – bud of new collaborations with Swinimer, as well as with co-producers Paul Shatto and David Wills (The Higgins, Robyn & Ryleigh).

“I believe there’s something really beautiful about celebrating life and just taking in the moment. ‘Free’ takes me back to simpler times when I was younger and there were less responsibilities. It’s when a day at the beach enjoying the sunset and watching fireworks was really important to me. I’ve come to learn that it’s these experiences with the people in my life that matter. It’s important to slow down and soak in these quality moments. We need to make time to be free and this single is a reminder of that,” says Saunders.

Especially passionate about her high-energy live performances, Elyse has done over 350 live shows in North America – including opening at 2019 Canadian Music Week for David James and Kira Isabella and a 2020 FEO Showcase in February – but with live shows on hold due to COVID-19 concerns, she is supporting the release of ‘Free’ with a weekly vlog series on YouTube and connecting with her fans in real-time through regular Facebook Live chats.

Saunders says, “We all have a place in our hearts and minds where we feel free and liberated. I want people to hear this song and be reminded of those moments that take us there and to never lose them. Life can be confusing – especially right now – which makes it even more important to slow down and enjoy quality moments. Keep that high alive!”

Listen now to ‘Free’ by Elyse Saunders, available for streaming on all digital platforms, and don’t miss the lyrics video on Elyse Saunders YouTube channel.

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