ELLEH is a Tokyo-based musical duo made by the two masterminds Satoru Teshima and Bob Willey. With their emotional dance music, hinged around the concept of sad boy disco, ELLEH aims to make people dance, over their sadness, over their sounds.

Musically inspired by tunes that often come from the ’80s, recalling Depeche Mode, New Order, Björk’s first albums, or Talk Talk, ELLEH’s songs are about suggestions and memories that have moved, disturbed and surprised them. “For me music is a way to observe these memories and tell stories which people can also relate to,” explains Satoru in a recent interview published on Zap Bang magazine.  

Following the ‘Anthems’ trilogy, a series of EPs focused primarily on the most negative feelings and romantically charged with regret, revenge, and lust, ELLEH’s new work shifts to forgiveness and moving forward with hope.

“Sad Boy Disco it’s about a mental zone,” said Satoru. One where you could find yourself on the club dance floor at 4 in the morning, alone, because all your friends are now back home.

Here the loneliness in which ELLEH swings, hanging in the middle of the duality between sadness and happiness, opens up to an exploratory perspective that will lead us to embrace an equally conciliatory sense of forgiveness.

Dreamily prone and crumpled on our reflections and our perceptions, the tracks of ‘Sad Boy Disco’ guide us through those shaded, compassionate, and fragile mists that create the ideal background to let ourselves go and dance to relieving tunes.

Tired, perhaps a little drunk, and prone to reflect on the mistakes and failed relationships of our recent past, ELLEH offer us something for which, despite everything, it is still worth going forward.

It is a music that grabs you and guides you, created to soothe the wounded of modern society, dancing to it until your tears dry.

Listen now to ‘Sad Boy Disco’, the latest EP by ELLEH, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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