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Dudek’s project is an evocative fusion of indie folk, post-rock touches, and sprinkling of electronics, developed with delicate sophistication in and out of a wide-ranging reflective parenthesis.

Evolving in a moody and slow aesthetic exploration that starts from a sort of stasis, the single with which Elkvilla anticipates his upcoming EP is an acoustic condensation that yields to the vibrance and power of a magister cantor.

Written, produced, and mixed by Adam during the quarantine in his Berlin apartment, “Strangers” is a window opened by the emotional and emotional sensitivity of a creative that brings us more than a personal digression on his moment of isolation.

This song is about those circumstances where former lovers have to continue living together because they have nowhere else to go.

Close but distant, with only an (invisible) wall separating them, they become “strangers” as they try to avoid each other, continuing to drag on their daily lives and other romantic interests.

The first of a collection of post-rock acoustic pieces of exquisite musicianship and conception, “Strangers” presents itself as the intro of a soundtrack carved into the solitude of falling snowflakes: close together, but never definitively a whole, not even when they land on the ground.

A meaningful introduction to the moody and melancholy perennial winter world of his solo project, the latest from Elkvilla is a touching piece.

Among the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months, we can’t wait to savor the whole EP signed by Elkvilla.

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