Pop-Country singer-songwriter Elise Lieberth makes hearts and souls throb with her vibrant brand-new single “Live in Peace.”

Elise Lieberth is a Colorado native singer-songwriter who does not go unnoticed.

She is one of those that makes you dizzy thanks to her powerful voice, true locomotion that adds formidable drive and depth to a vibrant style rooted in the Pop, Country, and singer-songwriter genres.

Influenced by artists such as Sara Bareilles and Kelly Clarkson, her music offers a vivid and dense blend of strength and passion that transcends depth from her life experiences.

While in her music there is a foundation of resoluteness and clarity that makes each delivery something relatable, with her personal touch Elise opens emotional glimpses that through her voice and her lyrics play as exciting horizons.

In the wake of a creative moment that started in 2010, which saw her go viral on YouTube thanks to the collaboration with sensation Tyler Ward in “We are the World,” as well as her cover of “According to You,” number that has become viral on Tik Tok during the quarantine, Lieberth is continuing to feed this prolific string of songs and videos, releasing new original music and covers every 6 weeks.

Released on February 12, 2021, Elise Lieberth’s latest is the single “Live in Peace,” an exciting torch perfectly set in the stylistic signature of this Colorado native artist who makes hearts and souls throb.

As vibrant as it is uplifting, “Live in Peace is a song about healing and learning to live in peace by facing your past experiences so that you can learn and heal from them.” Thus Elise introduces her piece of work, which finds further spark in the lyrics, like when the song references: “I’m just down here trying to keep your coffin shut.”

As something that could be interpreted in many different ways, “Live in Peace” offers a safe mirror in which to unwind those bittersweet folds that can range from healing a past romantic relationship to the death of a loved one who has hurt you. Our call is not too figurative. In fact, when Elise shares the backdrop of her song, she says: “I wrote this song after my father, who suffers from mental illness, passed away. I was very open about the traumatic experiences I have been through growing up with him, which hasn’t set well with some family members. My aunt recently asked me: “Why can’t you just let the dead rest in peace?” And my question to her is what about the living?? Just because someone dies, it doesn’t mean the hurt and the pain they caused dies with them, and it is OK to work through those pains, it is OK to share your story, and it is important to do, so you can truly heal and live in peace.”

Heal and live in peace. A relevant message that Elise Lieberth brings under a different characteristic light, through her Pop-Country touch, pleasantly engraved in a bittersweet nuance in which to get lost and find yourself at every listening. What a light!

Listen now to "Live in Peace," the latest Single by Elise Lieberth, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via https://linktr.ee/eliselieberth

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