Elina Laivera‘s debut solo album ”Alchemy” finds this artist of Greek heritage tackling heartbreak as a wake-up call that spurs us to re-examine our value, learning to establish personal boundaries, and discover self-love through the acceptance of the past.

As Laivera explains: ”It’s like I needed to tell my story before I let go so that others who have been abused or betrayed by someone they cared about know that they are not alone and actually healing is more ​than possible… Breakups are undeniably such transformational experiences and you are anyways never going to be the same  again so it’s up to you to decide who you are becoming after all this.

Elina Laivera // "Alchemy" - album cover
Elina Laivera // “Alchemy” – album cover

This is an album with a rich and widely open soundscape, which is developed across all the 9 tracks that compose it. All the arrangements are very particular, with many modern elements that overlap with more classical-sounding instruments. Overall a first-class, original, fresh and distinguishable production.

A must have in your playlist, to be discovered track after track.

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