From promising Norwegian artist Elias Salbu comes the pleasantly relaxed summer tune ‘Better in the Summer’.

Elias Salbu is a debuting artist from Bergen, Norway. He considers himself a soul, jazz and pop vocalist, but has also done a lot of classical work.

Having already started on new projects after having paused other works to get his latest done by this summer, now Elias is ready to share his summer joy with the world, releasing his brand-new single ‘Better in the Summer’.

A refreshing invite to relax and enjoy the sun while sipping a cold beverage, the warmth, and late nights, the track is an indie pop song preciously adorned with a delicate jazz-inspired aura.

“It feels great to finally release my own work, and to do it in the summer season! Better in the Summer is all about how great the summer is, and how things generally feels better during summer,” Elias says, sharing the backdrop of the song, then he continues: “It all started as a joke, really. I was in my living room with a friend and tried to improvise a cliché summer song on the guitar, but it ended up sounding really cute.”

The pleasantly calming atmosphere, along with the airy and luminous tones, are the key elements of a sparkling number in which we find all the mood of the summer days to which the song refers and from which it draws inspiration.

In ‘Better in the Summer’ there is all that taste of summer, to be savored gradually, shade after shade, perfume after perfume, so pleasantly returned in a song capable of making you immediately feel all the fragrances of a good mood.

Listen now to ‘Better in the Summer’, the brand new-single by Elias Salbu, released on July 10th on all the streaming platforms.

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Peaceful chords and a tasteful muffled harmony, the 21-year-old Elias Salbu gives a dreamy and relaxing song.