They surprised us, making their debut with that source of pure rock energy that was their single ‘Harder To Justify‘, followed by the equally compelling, wicked, and empowering number ‘Reproducing Man‘ – we have previously written about them in a couple of articles, in the case you missed them you can find them here:

Now they are back once again. And the question is: were they able to surpass themselves even with this third single? To go straight to the point, the answer is: absolutely yes!

The feverish adrenaline rush and the authoritative power of Electric High shows no sign of waning, and let’s say it without reservations, lucky us. Their hard-hitting brand-new track is once again part of their story, their world, and their lives, as ‘Waiting With A Gun’ is a song inspired by the bass players drunk uncle, who always threatens them with a rifle, every time they walk past his house on their way to rehearsal, telling them to shut the fuck up.

The release of ‘Waiting with a Gun’ is accompanied by the gun-slingin ‘, sharp-shootin’ official video, available on the Electric High’s YouTube channel. Entirely scripted, directed, produced and edited by the band itself, the video features an absolutely furious band performance, with loads of weapons-related clips flashing across the scene, making up the harsh, aggressive aesthetics of the video.

Fronted by two in-your-face lead singers, and flanked by a perfect triad – a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer who shine thanks to  their unions, riffs and licks – Electric High remain true to form and give us once again an impeccable example of the organic nature and incisiveness of their sound.

A band that goes straight for the throat, with ‘Waiting With A Gun’ they’re shooting out their heavy loaded riffs and hard blasting drums, while singers PV Staff and Olav Iversen scream their throats out, ranting about everything, from the unemployed lifestyle to world politics.

That’s Electric High’s mark: a rocking “electric power” that is pure, gritty, granular and compelling like few others. And it’s something worth more than a single listen or view. You can bet on it!

Listen now to ‘Waiting with a Gun’, the latest single from Electric High, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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