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The new work from this cunning band is an insidious tune built from a single driving drum groove, sneaking into a sly, blown bass-pumping verse …

… all intertwined with what we love to label as their style trademark: the dually layered lead vocals that in unison give bottom to the voltage throttle!

Piece after piece Electric High has been able to amaze and kidnap us, always in a different way, albeit immediately remaining faithful to a charismatic and compelling imprinting, image, sound, character, so much so that although this is only the fourth release of the band, now we feel to talk about veterans.

After an excellent triptych, a Poseidonic trident that in no uncertain terms was – and we are sure will remain for a long time, an incisive watershed in the indie scene … and beyond – the previous singles Harder To Justify, Reproducing Man, and Waiting With a Gun, are sealed, extended, and crowned in a polyptych with which the Norwegian band closes a historic 2020.

2020 inflicted on us in spite of ourselves the gangrenous and virulent disease of COVID-19, of lockdowns, of the further blow to the entertainment and culture industries. But 2020 also gave us the genesis of brilliantly distinguished new musical realities.

… all intertwined with what we love to label as their style trademark: the dually layered lead vocals that in unison give bottom to the voltage throttle!

Electric High - Sleeping With The Enemy

Without a doubt, Electric High is one of these. First of all, the amazement came for the cleanliness with which these guys are able to convey their sound while retaining all the distorted and apparently uncontrollable, ergo instinctive matrix of that electrification that seems to have supplanted the blood in their veins.

This ability to consciously direct their music, however, is not strictly a scientific aim, the result of a masterly and sterile work carried out by a wise architect. The creative Pantheon of Electric High spreads with “tentaculous” offshoots, Cthuloid progeny, often soaked in that dark ink caught in folds a little murkier than life.

So without fear of getting their hands dirty, nor of being struck by their own high tensions, these Jupiters could also be ribs shaped by the seed of a fornicating divinity, a hybrid halfway between the Greek God Zeus, the Japanese Raijin, and why not, also with a nail from Egyptian Seth.

However, whether they are myths, legends, demigods, or mere mortals, these guys are masters in grasping the roots and their musical heritage and transshipping it into a new compelling, engaging, and enthralling vision. Here we find a great spark because their intuition and their creativity is juggled with skillful alchemy among the five members of the band, mixing with prudent vibrancy now to evert the spearhead of a phrasing, now to build an empowering launch towards a “gargantuelic” chorus.

The clearest example of the changeability of this kind of interaction a la Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, which interconnects the five members of the band for this purpose and in ever different ways, comes precisely in that vocal alter ego that erupts from the stratification of the voices of the two. lead singer.

So that feverish feeling, that thrill that rises when you hear the hum of distortion building in the background as the potentiometer rises is the pull that excites you as Electric High’s high voltage discharge gets closer and closer.

The rhapsodic factor is palpable, as genuine as it is biting, but with their strings, they are able to warp space and time, just enough to allow you to have that slightest awareness, just enough to understand that something libidinous in you. it is about to slip first under the skin and then down into the bones.

No frills and drills here. No jokes, neither chatty talk. This is pure ecstatic adrenaline, condensed into the form of music. No counter-claims. Just good, great music.

A few more about the song

With SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY the band wants to give new meaning to the famous quote from The Godfather, Part II: «Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer».

This time the rockers from Bergen, Norway, shoot out their heaviest loaded riffs and hardest blasting drums so far, while singers PV Staff and Olav Iversen scream their throats out, ranting about everything from unemployed lifestyle to world politics. The new single will be followed up by a gun-swingin’ music video, planned for release June 19, 2020. Turn the volume up and blow your speakers!

Who's Who

Electric High is a high voltage rock band from Bergen, Norway, influenced by bands like Wolfmother, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath. The members hail from bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies. This band goes straight for the throat, fronted by two in-your-face lead singers, while the guitarist, bassist, and drummer shoot out pure electric power.

Electric High is:
PV Staff — lead vocals
Olav Iversen — lead vocals
Marius Mørch — guitars
Einride Torvik — bass
Tor Bjarne Bjelland — drums

Electric High - Sleeping With The Enemy Official Video

WATCH ELECTRIC HIGH FROM A WHOLE NEW ANGLE – the band performs this entire video laying on their backs!

The video is scripted, directed, produced and edited entirely by the band itself, with good assistance from friend, photographer and camera operator Kjetil Tofte.

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Electric High // Sleeping With The Enemy

Norwegian rock band Electric High is back with “Sleeping With The Enemy,” brand-new electrifying 4th single – now accompanied by an official video – delivering a shocking full-set made to vibrate in your speakers.

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