Electric High - Reproducing Man - single cover

Launched streaming on the web on March 20, 2020, the new track also introduces a music video, which picks up exactly from the point where their previous ‘Harder To Justify’ ended – we talked about it in a previous article, if you missed it you can find it here: link.

If you are wondering how Electric High could repeat the ‘Harder To Justify’ booming rise, the answer is in the drive, density, and body of ‘Reproducing Man’. Here, even if the rhythm seems to slow down, the power they liberate and the quality of their rock are as high as ever.

The track starts, introduced by a guitar lick, immediately followed by an intro riff of drums. Even before reaching the downbeat, the words are out of our mouth: hell yeah! That’s how you do it, guys!

Electric High - Reproducing Man - single cover

Charged and ready to overload our bodies, injecting an electric overdose of gut-kicking groove, the latest release by Electric High grabbed us with its blistering riffs and a chorus that is hard not to sing along to. With bass and drums work that’s all, while marrying the distortion of electric guitars, the sound swells, making everything full and vehement.

Steeped in the captivating irreverence of Electric High, the ‘Reproducing Man’ video takes up the story that began with ‘Harder To Justify’, whose show had turned into a wild rock’n’roll party that went completely out of control. Now nobody wants to book the band for a concert. But maybe their bad-ass manager (played by legendary Norwegian actor Helge Jordal) and Fredrik Saroea of Datarock can help?

Check out the prequel video of ‘Reproducing Man’, directly from Electric High’s Youtube channel.

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