Ed Roman, award-winning singer-songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario (Canada) will return in January with the single titled “Stronger“, of which Nova Music blog is pleased to write a preview.

Harmoniously vibrant, capable of opening up a wide and airy sound spectrum, and with an enthralling rhythm that culminates in an exquisitely catchy refrain: this is “Stronger“, a song whose sound is consistent and compact, perfectly aligned with the vision and the musical delivery set up since the first note.

In it we find all of Ed Roman‘s ability in blurring the boundaries between various musical genres, creating intelligent and captivating fusions. “Stronger” takes the roots of folk and country, and emphasizes them with touches of more typically pop and rock sound.

This is Ed Roman‘s true artistic signature, which earned him various public and critical awards. It is no coincidence, therefore, that to date the songs he produced have received a regular rotation on hundreds of terrestrial radio stations around the world.

While you wait for January 2020 for the expected release of Ed Roman‘s next single, “Stronger“, find out more about him and his music at the following links:

Ed Roman
Ed Roman