Hailing from Toronto, Canada, singer-songwriter Earl Donald comes with a modern soft-pop electronic ballad in alternative key with a penetrating, introspective atmospheric vision. Originally from Edmonton, Earl has played for years in the local indie and punk scene. In his most recent project, MoonMuseum, Earl has opened for the likes of Teen Daze, Beach Season and Old Man Canyon, and has toured western Canada a lot.

Guided by a musically refined aesthetic style, with his new single ‘Birds of Paradise’ he brings us a glimpse of his creative touch, a look at modern metropolitan life and the sense of isolation associated with it.

Through ethereal melodic voices, compelling rhythms, and atmospheric synths, he exhibits his personal, minimalist and relaxed sound exploration of the world of electronic music, focusing on the concepts of growth, transition, and the acceptance of change as an inevitable truth.

‘Birds of Paradise’, the main single extracted from Earl Donald’s EP ‘A Lighter World’ has been available in streaming since March 2, 2020, at the following links:

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