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Dune Dogs, an alternative beach-rock band originating from the Northshore of Massachusetts is out with the brand-new compelling single titled “Higher Ground.”

Formed in October 2019, the  band Dune Dogs consists of Nick Bernarducci, (Lead Vocals), Nick Brescio, (Lead Guitar), Beau Colvin, (Bass, Keyboard), and Ben Buckley, (Drums).

After playing their first show, the band broke into the local music scene.

Dune Dogs’ goal is certainly not to create the new avant-garde of sound. As Brescio explains, “It’s just about making a great song that people love.”

The mix of punk, funk, reggae, and pop corroborates the influences of their musical roots, while the groovy and sometimes dirty touch defines the matrix of their latest work as well.

So after their self-titled self-produced debut album released in early 2021, and their subsequent first studio recorded single, “East Coast Gnar”, the band has released more singles, such as “Citrus,” “Under My Spell,” and the most recent and polished production titled “Higher Ground:” a real first fruit not to be missed, which represent the perfect entry point to enter the world of this promising band.

Well focused and with a great, thick delivery, the band’s commitment and motivation to create new compelling content already holds great promise for keeping this moniker on your radar. We expect new catchy and bold sounds from these fearless creatives.

Listen now to Higher Ground, the latest Single by Dune Dogs, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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