Duccbod is a solo artist from Lincoln, UK, who started writing his own music 3 years ago. Gaining great feedback from covers he posted on socials, a local radio station, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, began airing his songs more and more.

He’s been invited to perform at festivals, live sessions, and interviews, giving him the chance to make new contacts and create better and more meaningful music.

And this is just the chain of events, the introductory story, that led Duccbod to meet the producer of his upcoming album “I Breathe Blue.”

Today Duccbod comes under our spotlight not just for his compelling story but also because he is close to releasing the first song from “I Breathe Blue,” and we can say we had the honor and pleasure to preview for you both this brand new single and it accompanying official video.

This is “Phone Screen,” an impeccably produced piece that is a breath of fresh air in the indie scene. Crystalline and intelligible, the musical delivery that Duccbod offers, is an enthralling and edifying force that seems to embrace and elevate us. Without detracting from the artistic contribution of Duccbod, part of the merit must be attributed to Joey Walker, aka ‘Natural Habitat Music’ (@naturalhabitat_music), who, thanks to shrewd and intelligent solutions, has been able to bring the song to another level.

Out on June 12, 2020, you can find "Phone Screen" on Spotify, along with an official music video on Duccbod's YouTube channel.

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Duccbod // I Breath Blue - album cover
Duccbod // I Breath Blue - album cover