Lincolnshire solo artist Duccbod has just released the music video for his brand new single No Sympathy, a juicy preview of the debut EP he is writing.

We had the pleasure of discovering Duccbod in 2020, thanks to his enthralling single “Phone Call.” Now Duccbod advances further on his long artistic journey, continuing to carry on his story and her music with the single and video for “No Sympathy.”

“Most of my songs pre-2020/19 make me cringe, but I’ve kept them up as they show the progress of me as an artist and allows other upcoming artists to see that it is a long journey to achieve the sound you’re working towards.”

So says Duccbod in inaugurating a new chapter in his creative career, here sealed by a new work of genuine coinage. We are talking about “No Sympathy,” an alternative single in which Duccbod mixes his indie vein with Grunge, Rock, and even Hip-hop influences.

Duccbod is currently writing his debut EP “I Breathe Blue” with London-based RYP Recordings producer Joey Walker. Juicy anticipation of what we will find in Duccbod’s awaited EP, “No sympathy was written over a year before its release and during a fairly dark time for me,” he says, sharing the backdrop of his latest single. Then he continues: “During the time of writing, I was going through complications with an ex of mine that was due to many complications with my inner self.”

Faithful to his signature, Duccbod takes inspiration from the situations he is going through and renders them under different lights to provide different perspectives of the situation. The device is a formidable hook capable of bringing out the rawness of emotions, arousing a carousel of problems, advice, and feelings.

Thus, amiably hanging between the darkest humoral folds and the delays of being heavier, “No Sympathy” gives us a suffused act of liberation from what is gripping us. 

Listen now to "No Sympathy," the latest by Duccbod, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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