In a sea of rap music that speaks of violence and misogyny, Dubgee emerges with his single “Let the Music Heal Me“, and amazes with a stellar production about what makes music special for all of us.

Music is undoubtedly something that may make us feel good about ourselves and thus be one of the most effective therapeutic tools. Dubgee reminds us of this with this engaging number, a quality production worthy of all our attention and exquisitely consistent with the musical delivery of the song itself.

Taken from “Truth“, Dubgee‘s equally unmissable latest album, “Let the Music Heal Me” is not only an uplifting positive message, of the kind that slips under your skin and makes you sing, dance, let go and express yourself. Through an impeccable mix and mastering, “Let the Music Heal Me” presents a truly formidable use of the stereophonic image, with split vocal lines blended along whispered verses, while all the rest of the arrangement works in a crystalline and intelligible outline where every single element of the sound spectrum is the perfect place.

Let the Music Heal Me” is already available for streaming on Spotify [ here ], accompanied by a video available on Youtube [ here ], shot during the last day Dubgee spent in Cuba, which sees him focused on absorbing those relaxing, healing vibrations the song is all about.

To find out more about Dubgee and his music, check the link below:

Dubgee // "Truth" - album cover