Born in Nottingham and living in London, Drew Thomas is an artist who has spent the past three years playing shows in the UK, including festival appearances at Reading & Leeds, Y Not festival, and a packed out London headline show in his own right at the end of last year.

Released on June 12th and taken from his upcoming and awaited EP, his latest version, ‘Somebody You Needed’, is a track with which Drew shows off once again his musicality and his touching style, as he tells a story of isolation and regret at the end of the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship.

So Drew speaks about the song:

“Sometimes you write a song which ends up having a much greater and more important meaning than ever originally expected when first putting pen to paper. Somebody You Needed was a song about feeling isolated after the honeymoon stage of a relationship and now has connected with people in my live shows and live streams as a reflection of being secluded and missing loved ones.”

In these extraordinary times, in which it’s difficult to share art to support people and to bring them together, with his ‘Somebody You Needed’ Drew gives us a relatable hymn that is amiably poignant.

Enveloping and immersive, the interesting beat combines exquisitely with the phrasing that Thomas draws with his vocals. The lyrics, stretched out like lines suspended in the clouds, gradually grows, and take on colors that turns out to be unexpected, as everything develops and opens up in an airy perspective full of musicality.

The lonely feeling and the sense of yearning from which everything starts rise in an organic crescendo, fueled by a radiant atmosphere that opens more and more, blooming in an act of expressive emotion that pulsates throbbing in one’s chest.

An emotional embrace, where we can safely savor the flavor of certain joys that perhaps no longer exist, and of that pains we have suffered.

Listen now to ‘Somebody You Needed’, the latest single by Drew Thomas, available for streaming on Spotify.

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