Dreday3.0 // Overnight Flight - single cover
Dreday3.0 // Overnight Flight - single cover

Dreday3.0 is an r&b singer who started making a name for himself on the scenes as Young Dre, touring internationally for 5 years across many stages in Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam, and many more, with many artists from Lil Wayne to Bow Wow, and has been featured on International Super DJ BlackSkin “Club Starz” & “Urban Hits”.

In 2012 Dreday3.0 launched MoonMan Entertainement, a full-scale production company based in Atlanta, GA, where he is focused on building his music career while continuing to develop up-and-coming artists.

Recently Dreday3.0 has release a brand-new single titled ‘Overnight Flight’ where he is hosting airline themed events, with sexy flight attendants. The song gifts our ears as a mellow mix of soul and R&B that demands all our attention from the very first moment!

With just its early bars ‘Overnight Flight’ takes us into an airy atmosphere, moved by a thick sawed bass line and crystalline synths. And everything shines even more when Dreday3.0 comes in. Intertwining backing and doubling vocals with wide and open female voices, the song is a brilliantly produced piece, with a compelling vein enriched by the aforementioned mesh-up of soul and R&B.

Sure, it basically is an r&b song with Dreday3.0’s organic melodic rhymes, but everything here sounds like it’s on another level.

It’s very hard to say definitively if ‘Overnight Flight’ is a hip-hop song enriched by a soul/R&B feeling, or if it is a soul/R&B piece enlightened by contemporary hip-hop vibes. The secret probably is exactly there. An amazing timeless crossover of catchy tunes.

Listen now to ‘Overnight Flight’, the latest single from DreDay3.0, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: