Badass girl group Drama Dolls brings back the early punk and 90’s rock sounds with ‘We Like to Party’, a freeing reminder to not take life so seriously.

Somewhere in between the Misfits and the Bangles, or a love child of the Ramones and the Go-Go’s, Drama Dolls sounds like a band with no fucks left to give. Their brand-new single ‘We Like to Party’ is a song that reminds us to the biting vibrations of 90’s rock and the pogo-style of the purest punk music, but with a modern indie alternative flair.

A freeing reminder to not take life so seriously, ‘We Like to Party’ it’s fun, it’s funny, and the ideal “blast it while you’re cruising down the way” song, to sing along swaying “whoa-oh-oh-ohs”.

Listen now to the latest single from Drama Dolls ‘We Like to Party’ and find out more about their music by checking the following links: