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The moral that excites here is that there can be a different way to live a great life. And if that’s not enough for you Dominic & Tom can show you two.

Dominic Momberg and Tom Watkeys couldn’t be much more different. One is a traveling, semi-nomadic singelton always chasing the next wild adventure, living in a different country every month. The other is a settled, married father, steadily involved in making it to the adventure and getting back home before dinner.

They rarely agree on anything: from which microphone it should be used, to which guitar is the best sound … up to which of the two is going bald faster.

However, under the hat of this captivating duo you can breathe chemistry and magnetism, conveyed in a music that illuminates and inspires hearts, souls and minds.

Compelling melodies and sensitivity for the narrative are the salt and pepper of this recipe that is anything but artificial. Dominic & Tom’s is a natural touch that reflects with genuine light even in the way they produce their music, writing, mixing and mastering all by themselves.

Joining in 2016, the year their promo concert in Kokstad came, the journey undertaken by Dominic & Tom is something that is still in the making, as it unfolds somewhere in the folds of modern Country, in the veins of Pop, and in the cue of an alternative Rock.

As an exquisite synthesis and amiable manifesto of the rich statement, we have chosen their single “Jenny”, a song about a young couple who is in pursuit of an escape: to give themselves a moment of freedom; to forget anything that frustrates them.

Here the drive brought to the table is truly biting, but Dominic & Tom’s sensitive touch serves as a turning point. The burning ardor of frustration is very present in the song, but this ardor becomes the fuel to be thrown on the fire that can (and must) fuel the impetus, the drive, towards change.

So with their “Jenny” Dominic & Tom show us how every aspect of life, even the most negative ones, can be read in a different light.

So the moral that excites here is that there can be a different way to live a great life. And if that’s not enough for you, now you know: Dominic & Tom can show you two. 

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