Nicknamed “Doctor Jazz” by his colleagues during his medical studies because of his musical activities, the Palestinian doctor born in the Netherlands now known as Doc Jazz is a professional surgeon and self-taught musician, who in his spare time records and publishes songs in English, Arabic and Dutch, both on CD and streaming online.

Over the years he has produced over a hundred songs in a wide variety of styles. Despite his moniker, his music cannot really be classified as jazz, although it often contains jazz elements. As Doc Jazz explains, his slogan is “the taste of rock, the scent of jazz, and the feel of funk.”

The latest fruit of Doc Jazz’s fusion of musical genres and styles is his very current 12-track album ‘Love in the Time of Corona’. Here the artist sings about being blocked by the looming threat of the 2020 pandemic, and how the restrictions imposed mustn’t stop love  or our struggle for a better world.

Framed by Doc Jazz’s unique style, ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ plays a modern pop seasoned with a slightly retro, soft and melodic atmosphere, bringing us the right amount of lightness necessary to ease the burden of today’s worries.

Doc Jazz - Love in the Time of Corona
Doc Jazz - Love in the Time of Corona

From swinging jazz to big band lashes, from sentimental openings to emotional fallout, the style exercise set up by the artist translates into a collection in which Doc Jazz’s clear voice emerges directly, while lush arrangements grow and develop in the background and all around.

Tracing the concepts of proximity and distance, Doc Jazz ranges up to funk and hip-hop, mounting a nice rollercoaster of tortuous energy, with stylistic transitions that reward the list of 14 artists who took part in the recording of the album as session musicians, even through real-time full recordings.

Available since March 18, 2020, ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ is available on streaming on Soundcloud.

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