Soft and deep, Dj OFFsyde continues the virtual journey started with his previous releases, expanding the waves and sound reflections of his synth-and-ethereal-voices-driven music, in which techno vibrations more typical of the old school intertwine with harmonic elaborations and rhythmic designs that are now pulsating, now floating.

It is a broad-spectrum creative vision, the one he manages to decline thanks to his ability as a producer, composer and musician, as well as a lover of all music, without distinctions of genre and style.

Colorful and rich in sound suggestions, with “CosmoscapeDj OFFsyde is able to draw cosmic animated maps, which continuously evolve track by track, setting up sound scenarios ranging from more introspective dynamics to surges of explosive elevation.

It forms an exquisite plot of sensory stimulation, which gracefully and with balance fuses enveloping backgrounds with captivating sound layers. With this release what DJ OFFsyde gives us is a progressive melodic emotional journey, which propels us into the near future, towards dimensions in which space and time take on pleasant surreal connotations.

This is how, from around a vivid fulcrum of elements of Modern Electro, Melodic, Tech house, progressive beats and dance music, ‘Cosmoscape‘ radiates all the kaleidoscopic and rich variety of style and genre nuances, reaching funky- and jazz-inspired twists.

Inspired by the legends and true pioneers of EDM, such as Larry Heard, Carl Cox, Robert Miles, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Cosmic Gate, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, and @Zedd, “Cosmospace” plays Dj OFFSide’ personal interpretation of dance music. A personal and permeating musical message, familiar and atmospheric in the sound arrangements, which makes this a future-oriented album.

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