DJ Ažurely radiates her bewitching smoky aura with the new single ‘The Glow Up’, a contemporary pop number with which the New England artist AŽ brings us all the seductive charge of her sound.

Moving between smooth lyrics and fascinating melodies, with her new work this talented DJ brings us a compelling number that resonates with style and permeance through an alternative EDM interpretation.

Layers of voices and reverberating guitars broaden the soundscape by moving the horizon away, while AŽ masters her vocal performance with a scenic presence, well set in a clean mix that, despite the electronic synthetic imprinting, almost feels organic.

Vibrant, sometimes even bold, ‘The Glow Up’ showcases all of DJ Ažurely’s talent and expressiveness, softly set in a quality production that is far from trivial or obvious, and has a consistent structure, embellished by touches of intimacy.

The end result of the sum of these factors is a song that sounds like an overwhelming declaration, allowing AŽ to make the most of the skills she has accumulated, also as a multi-instrumentalist. Science and awareness, technique and soul, all translated into a noteworthy stylistic caliber that is already projecting her towards a successful future that tastes like mainstream.

Listen now to ‘The Glow Up’, the latest single from DJ Ažurely’s and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

DJ Ažurely // The Glow Up - single cover
DJ Ažurely // The Glow Up - single cover