“Lampedusa” is the new single resulting from the collaboration of eclectic electro artist and producer Tim Pitt, aka Equalisation, with British singer Sean Taylor.

The song is inspired by a humanitarian tragedy that occurred in October 2013, in which three hundred and sixty-six immigrants died when their boat from Libya sank off the island of Lampedusa.

With this song, Equalisation focuses our attention on the innocent victims of what is still a worldwide crisis, in which human beings are set aside in the name of cold and sterile nationalisms.

Equalisation and Sean Taylor // "Lampedusa" - artwork
Equalisation and Sean Taylor // “Lampedusa” – artwork

The song speaks of the dehumanization of refugees, tackles the racism profoundly rooted in our societies. It pushes the listener to question where our compassion went, since it seems to have died a long time ago, and then makes us wonder why and how we could reach this point.

In Taylor’s lyrics and delivery, we hear an idealist struggling valiantly to survive his disillusionment, directly addressing one of the biggest social problems of our times.

Lampedusa” is a sound experience that totally immerses us in its theme. Artfully built, the song has a wonderful sound spectrum. While maintaining a discreet touch respectful of all the elements at play, the mix effectively blends several sound textures, which first stratify and then merge. All this creates a dynamic, substantial and profound sound depth. Liquid in its single elements, oceanic in its entirety, “Lampedusa” projects all its reflexive anguish towards our consciences in a penetrating, surgical way.

Lampedusa” is a beautiful song that deals with important themes. It pushes us to interrogate ourselves about some of humanity’s failures. It drives us to be better people.

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