Disinterment is a band formed in the early 1990s, firstly based in Marikina, Philippines. They were part of the 1990s death/thrash metal and punk movement in Manila. The group disbanded in 1999, but regrouped in 2000, in the United States, exclusively to record and release music until 2004.

Formed by 5 members, this band was known for its perpetual headbanging windmill sported in live performances that threw their audience into a frenzy.

Defiled Covenant was released in 2003-2007 as a special physical album, distributed in Florida, California and the state of New York. In 2008 they released two more albums: Demoniacal Dispel and Domination Defied, but Defiled Covenant remains the trademark of the band’s sound.

A gritty and raw sound, characterized by typical but not trivial warbles, is built on sophisticated arrangements, with unexpected drum riffs, solid bass lines, and soaring, crisp guitarworks. There is a high degree of refinement in the production of this album.

Built on ten tracks of relentless and solid death metal intensity, Defiled Covenant erupts howling its typical death metal sound. It’s a trip to an underwolrd where dark melodies alternate with calming atmospheres, like the glimmer of a hellfire that cycles through blazing explosions and smoldering fades. The first track, Distro, is like the opening of a portal to hell, while Defiled Covenant makes us tumble into a frenetic sightseeing tour of the “land of the damned.”

This album delivers a furious and groundbreaking sound as a single powerful unit, thanks to the chemistry between the band members and their musical skills. It’s the mark of a refined, veteran metal band.

It’s an album with uncompromising attitude and strong sense of identity, which converge to communicate the unique personality of this band. A reference for anyone who wants to produce music. Regardless of genre.

Disinterment // Defiled-Covenant - album cover
Disinterment // Defiled-Covenant - album cover