Americana with Groove & Soul. This is the unique brand in which the band Dirt Track Racer exquisitely blends elements of blues, rock, folk, progressive, and Latin.

After the success of their first album “Kick Off Your Muddy Boots” and the single “Bucket Full of Rain“, Dirt Track Racer have recently returned with a new release.

We are talking about “Something’s Gotta Give“, the new Dirt Track Racer album, released last December with Twilight Tango Records label. With this new album the band gives us 12 tracks that represent a formidable, wide-ranging excursus, where we find and savoir all the maturity and profound expressiveness that each member of Dirt Track Racer skillfully shows.

The merit of such a pleasant, satisfying and engaging production goes primarily to how intelligently the songs that make up “Something’s Gotta Give” were written and arranged. Equally important is the cleanliness and attention to detail that the mix and production reserve for the conservation and enhancement of the sounds, colors and nuances of the vocal timbres. Raw material of formidable execution, for which we must thank the performances that Geoff Hansplant (guitar and voice), Julie Myers (violin, piano, B3 and voice), Paul Deck (drums and percussion) and Nick Terramani (electric and vertical bass) offer in “Something’s Gotta Give”.

Listen now to “Something’s Gotta Give“, the latest album from Dirt Track Racer, which is available on Soundcloud [ here ].

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Dirt Track Racer // “Something’s Gotta Give” - album cover
Dirt Track Racer // “Something’s Gotta Give” - album cover