Dgammafiv (/ duh-gAmuh-five /) is a New York City-based multi-genre musical collective, founded by the First Icon Music label. Their sound spans a kaleidoscopic musical spectrum, including EDM, rap, R&B, pop, afrobeat, and reggaeton.

Dgammafiv’s is a rich, heterogeneous and wide-ranging creative style that reflects the profound variety born from the sum of the profiles of the artists involved, with the motto “music with no boundaries” as the perfect summary of their creative concept.

Creatively influenced by the different communities in which they lived, immersed in the melting pot of New York City, their style is also inspired by the many artists to which they have been exposed since childhood, including Michael Jackson, Oliver Heldens, The Art of Noise, A Tribe Called Quest, Prince, The Police, Busta Rhymes, Nile Rodgers and Timbaland.

By developing a sound that is global in nature, attitude, and delivery, Dgammafiv is preparing to publish a series of songs that will see the light in 2020, thus aiming to consolidate their place in the independent music scene.

The first fruit of Dgammafiv’s varied creativity is their debut single titled ‘Velocity’, an exciting listening experience of an EDM track, in which pop, future house, and fusion influences coexist. Thanks to an excellent combination of acoustic and electronic elements, ‘Velocity’ is the perfect business card for Dgammafiv to debut on the scene, ready to establish a new level while advancing with more music for the masses.

To find out more about Dgammafiv and their music, check the links below:

Label Website : http://firsticonentertainment.com/
Artist Website : http://www.dgammafiv.com
Parent Website : http://firsticonagency.com/
Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/dgammafiv
Parent Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/firsticonagency