Deeply rooted in the electronic world, the sound of Dexperia ranges through sound scenarios characterized by reverberant pianos, acoustic percussions and sweet female backing vocals.

Dexperia produces the warmest and most inviting music, with compelling rhythms and catchy melodies underlined by captivating harmonic riffs.

Dexperia‘s new EP, “Forged Memories“, has sensations that range from dark and melancholy moments, to vibrant and brilliant stages of light, color, and futuristic positivity.

Surely most listeners will be able to establish a connection between the artist’s hypnotic and pulsating sound and the dance floor, thanks to the electro dance vein that he explicitly expresses.

“Forged Memories” sounds like an instinctive meeting of fusion of sensations and emotions that twist and mix up to create a pulsating and vibrant delivery. One that’s unique and obsessively aimed at sweeping off their feet and penetrating the listeners.

Dexperia // "Forged Memories"- EP cover
Dexperia // "Forged Memories"- EP cover

The first track of the EP, “Remember“, is the perfect opening track. Dexperia‘s management of the sound spectrum and of the construction and evolution of the piece is well thought out.

The meshing of the rhythmic parts with brass riffs and the female lead vocal is an electrifying strengthening progression that keeps you glued to the speaker for all of its over-4-minutes duration.

“Fire in Me” is a fresh and exciting twist. With airy sounds and vocals and an intermittent propulsive rhythm interspersed with cyclical drops, it is the most innovative song of this EP. While remaining consistent with the style of the release, “Fire in Me” sounds like a genuine and original delivery.
With this track Dexperia demonstrates his artistic potential, even when he allows for stylistic tendencies that are not linked to the already well known expedients of electronic music.
In our opinion, the most innovative track of all the EP.

The last two songs of “Forged Memories” introduce a more immersive and profound sound dimension.

In “Be You” and “Closer” Dexperia gives more space to the instrumental parts, with sound constructions that intertwine inside and outside the intelligent and satisfying harmonic structures.

With “Forged Memories” Dexperia has succeeded in creating a breed of electronic music that is both recognizable and innovative. Based on founding elements typical of the genre, “Forged Memories” introduces innovations and experimentations that turn out to be organic and functional, perfect support for the musical delivery of the entire EP.

Depth and variety: two uncommon features in electronic music, through which Dexperia gives us a unique and gratifying listening experience.

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