“Empty-Handed”: emotional, uplifting and extremely contagious.
Derek Lai: vibrant to the point he makes your heart flutter.

Empty-Handed” is the new single from Derek Lai, a song with thoughtful lyrics, which lead us, through doubt and discouragement, towards a place of healing and empowerment.

Derek Lai // Empty Handed - artwork
Derek Lai // Empty Handed – artwork

Mixed by George Seara, who has worked with artists like Shawn Mendes, Lai’s new single is a clear example of the level of care that this artist puts in the production of his songs.

The piece has a groove whose main fuel is a passionate and engaging rhythmic guitar, which feeds the whole song, and emphasizes it thanks to the solos that give an additional accent to the piece.

With “Empty-Handed” Derek brings out all the passion he has in making music, further illuminating the piece. His vocal performance is perfectly set in the soundscape of the song. It vibrates and shines thanks to sentimental transport, and at the same time it sounds accessible thanks to a sound paste that feels fundamentally familiar.

It is thanks to the balanced combination of all these factors that Derek gives us a piece that opens the way through intimate and personal ideas, and makes them accessible and easy to relate to.

Once again Derek Lai chooses to take the less obvious way to live his dreams.

Once again, betting on himself has rewarded him well.

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Derek Lai
Derek Lai