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Denae lets her supernova explode in slow motion

The artist refines and embellishes her creative singularity

revealing the precious kernel of her world:

mental dysfunctional captivating

uniquely splendid

We often like to talk about how music is life, or how life is music. Then comes a project like this from Denae, and those two lines flex to close in the perfect circle.

5 tracks to drink in one go. Centered on mid-tempo rhythms, the artist’s latest work comes in the form of an EP titled My Dark Place, which had already seen the light in 2021, but now finds a new outlet with a stripped version.

It must be said immediately: this is not a mere restyling. This “new” EP is simply something special. The lead single Last Night was initially released, and it was something that immediately caught our attention.

Then when the rest of the EP arrived, finding a momentary lapse of time to grasp the density of the entire work became an indispensable effort.

Denae - profile picture

The hours became days, then weeks. And it was all a continuous coming and going to and from the pulsating core, dark, vivid, and scarifying, which resides at the center of this black hole.

A bit like the entrance to the white rabbit hole, a bit like a void that engulfed us, everything started to slow down like in a slow-motion sequence.

It is then that we have been able to catch a glimpse of an exploding supernova. Rushing this work with the pace imposed by everyday life would have been a fruitless admiration. How much would we have missed the touching fluctuations of this EP by doing it?

Here Denae has re-taught us to take our time, dedicating the right attention to those things that flow next to us or on us: as they pass, as we don’t even notice them, we miss that one opportunity to witness a single incredible big bang.

Fortunately for us, this talented singer-songwriter managed to fit all this expressiveness into not one but five tracks. Now singing, now rapping, this nimble lyricist weaves a plot where she carefully unravels mental health and dysfunction themes.

Unrolling every single syllable with skillful care, Denae puts all her essence in a captivating sound design while furbish mix and mastering complete the delivery.

Denae // My Dark Place Stripped - EP cover artwork

Embodying the highest peak of her production to date, Denae‘s “Dark Place” becomes “Stripped“. So that spark, which for our lightness we had seen in passing running almost by chance in Last Night, allowed us to witness a spectacular big bang.

And while a sense of salvific debate goes hand in hand with the ups and downs of life, here, by becoming stripped, the previous circle closes, generating an even wider one.

A refounding act, we could say, that comprise the highs (di) and the downs (né) faithful to the bi-particularity of this moniker: by removing all the coverings from that Dark Place in which we can often find ourselves, everything becomes familiar, then comfortable, if not even amiable.

Quite sure, this is the kind of music when one would find shelter and take home.

Listen now to My Dark Place Stripped, the latest EP by Denae, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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