Originally from Hattiesburg, MS, Den is motivated to move forward and inspired to create music by the life experiences he had to face. After he lost everything in 2015, , he juggled two jobs and full-time school until graduation.

In 2016, escaping a potentially fatal workplace accident led Den  to realize that life can really end in the blink of an eye and to decide to live his life, not merely exist.

Music is Den‘s biggest outlet and means to create a connection with the listener, based on putting into music the joys, pains and struggles of everyday life.

Armed with this future-forward vision and his life experiences, last December Den released his single “Start Over“, accompanied by a short film in which he appears only in the final scene, reminiscing on a bench. The choice, he explains, was dictated by the desire to put the story told by the song ahead of everything else, even himself.

Now  Den is ready to launch his next single, “Let Me Talk“, that will be available on Spotify from February 20, and in pre-save from February 9 on Spotify [ link here via Distrokid ].

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Den // Start Over - artwork