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Den is a hip-hop rapper who started in 2010 with a trilogy of underground mixtapes, released under the pseudonym of Den Den So Relentless: ‘Runnin On E’ in 2010, ‘Game of Love’ in 2011, and ‘Gone’ in 2012. Having achieved the goal of not releasing more than 3 mixtapes, after ‘Gone’ Den dropped out of music to return to full-time college.

In 2015 Den lost everything that was important to him, including his home. To continue attending school he worked two full-time jobs, sleeping between classes or during lunch breaks. He graduated while working himself to exhaustion, but in 2016 he was involved in an accident that almost cost him his life.

Marked by his near-death experience, Den says he has learned an important lesson: life can end in the blink of an eye. So he started traveling alone. A lot. Until, in December 2019, the release of the inspired single ‘Start Over’ marked his official return to music.

Den // 3 in the Morning - single artwork
Den // 3 in the Morning - single artwork

Music is Den‘s biggest outlet and means to create a connection with the listener, based on putting into music the joys, pains and struggles of everyday life.

He has continued to release new music since then, putting into it life stories, both his and belonging to those around him, and today he brings his fans a compelling hip-hop number, full of varying levels of explicit language.

Den opens his ‘3 in the Morning’ with one of the world’s best known ringtones, a popular element for an artist who knows how to effectively wink at the viral pull of the web. It is no coincidence that the video that Den has published on Facebook, a cameo by @trenubb which sees him bursting out in an infectious dance on the catchy vibes of ‘3 in the Morning’, has collected 68k views and a hundred shares.

Bringing his stories into music for a good time, Den seems to be hungry for new victories, having not yet begun to show what he is capable of as a lyricist, artist or director.

Den’s ‘3 in the Morning’ is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one at the link

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