Representative of their hybrid sound made of pop, rock and electro, the track is a delicately mutable and immersive ballad, that takes the listener from a protective niche in which to curl up to sail towards boundless cosmic scenarios.

Produced by James Sanger (artist, producer, arranger and sound engineer with 67 million album sales under his name worldwide), the stylistic signature that Emy Eris, Denis Navarro, Nicolas Gaeremynck, Romain Viguier and Robin Olivier carry under the spotlight with ‘Unfair’ is the perfect key to open up Deleo’s cosmic world.

The release of the single is accompanied by an official video, already available on Deleo’s Youtube channel.

Deleo’s first EP ‘Unfair’ will be released in May 2020, with their album to follow.

Deleo - Unfair - artwork

Listen now to Deleo’s ‘Unfair’, available on streaming on:

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