Skilled songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Dejha Colantuono is a multifaceted and prolific artist from the Northwestern American rock scene of the nineties, with a 25-year-long career that has allowed her to become an icon in her own right.

Dejha currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, performing both solo and as part of several musical projects, including fronting Blackie, a Blondie’s tribute band, and is voraciously creating new music, including the latest album titled ‘The Union Gospel’ released under the homonymous stage name.

Co-written by Colantuono with Mike Squires, ‘The Union Gospel’ is a production of remarkable quality that flawlessly bring us all the energy and iconic charge of musical cornerstones from soul and classic rock.

Sealed by the contribution of acclaimed producer and sound engineer Martin Feveyear, this 10-track album also shines for the formidable talent that Dejha exhibits through her expressive and dynamic voice, capable of moving from an edifying rough grit to a warmer, more delicate touch.

Listen now to ‘The Union Gospel’, already available on Spotify [ here ], and find out more about Dejha and her music, checking the links below:

Dejha - The Union Gospel LP vinyl release at Seattle - poster
'The Union Gospel' will also arrive as a vinyl LP. The release, published by Dejha's Mad Meow Music company, will be presented on May 28 in Seattle. Check out the poster for all the details.