Read More debuts his album “Eternity,” launching the mesmeric music video for the immersive title track that drives his revelatory work.

The interrogation considered here concerns the life cycle of Tom Powell’s songwriting. And although those drawn up by are lines of a personal investigation, this hand of his does not at all deny the possibility of expanding the argument to open discussions.

Among the ten tracks that make up’s new work, certainly the lead tune “Eternity” is the pinnacle of this expanded revelatory investigation.

The vision is certainly stretched forward, well beyond the first visible (or rather obviously audible) horizon. “You get the distinct feeling that it’s not definitive answers he’s looking for; it’s understanding ears and a nice mindset,” says the incipit accompanying the release.

And indeed, it is precisely like that. Sonically, “Eternity” is a powerful yet permeating song, drawing from the best melting pot of Californian psychedelia. A free but guided journey by the resonance of the taste of the West Coast, which here and there gives you fragrances and glimpses of the Sixties.

Dense and saturated but also spacious and vast. Fresh and sparkling, but also grounding and rooting. Suspensive and hovering, but also driving and biting. “Eternity” is a continuous interchange and organic re-colonization on dual poles that now go hand in hand with their synonyms, now play in the mirror with their opposites.

And everything takes on that illogical logic that we find precisely when we try to give a definition to eternity.

A first work which is a succulent first fruit, and which makes it clear that Powell is only at the beginning of a long parable. A story that will soon continue to be told under this dome of “Eternity.”

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