Deeper Vileness is a dark metal-ambient band, founded in 2014. Made up of two members, Kadesh (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards) and Arjun (lead guitar, bass, drums, mixing and mastering), through their work this band tries to explore the darker realms of music.

Their most recent work is the 4-track album Shadows of Medieval Torment. Written between 2016 and 2018, this release with a suggestive title immediately recalls the main theme characterizing the music made by Deeper Vileness.

Without filters or half measures, with songs with equally suggestive titles like Amidst Funeral Winds, Daemonolatria, Amasarac, and Kingdom of Ruin, Deeper Vileness unleash all the crudeness and hypnotic power of their music, that literally seems to come out of the darkest corners of the past, reconditioned to the most modern and extreme drifts of goth metal.

In Shadows of Medieval Torment, while the power of guitars and drums unleashes, wild and viscerally wicked, ancestral and demonic voices alternate with tears of lacerating screams. Deeply rich in a sense of desperate anxiety, the album never allows for a glimmer of light, not even in the church organ intro of the second track, Daemonolatria.

Listen now to Shadows of Medieval Torment, the album from Deeper Vileness, available on Bandcamp [ here ].