Boston-based original rock band Deep C Divers recently released their new single “Forgiveness”, a melodic rock song that blends blues veins and pop hooks exquisitely.

Captivating and with an enthralling melancholic atmosphere, “Forgiveness” is a song with an exciting and recognizable theme that instantly connects with the listener. Fresh and inspiring, the song presents phrasing and chord progressions that vary along its development, designing rings that harmoniously link, making the song slide forward with exquisite naturalness.

Enriched by touches of violin, doubling of voice and backing vocals that widen the sound spectrum of the song more and more, “Forgiveness” takes you by the hand and accompanies you in a listening experience that’s every moment deeper and is richer with every verse , up until its more rarefied and almost suspended outro.

This is how Paul Erlich (lead guitar), Gregg Marcus (bass), John Bordage (drums) and Deep C (voice and rhythm guitar) produce a formidable, organic and exceptional-sounding song, with an edifying musical message that spurs you on to find within yourself the strength and courage to face life’s difficulties.

Far from a nostalgic exercise in style. Anything but a mere echo of the Piano Man of the ’70s. With “Forgiveness“, Deep C Divers give us an exceptional production full of feeling. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it very well.

Listen now to Forgiveness“, the latest single from Deep C Divers,
which is available on Spotify [ here ], and find out more
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Deep C Divers // "Forgiveness" - single cover
Deep C Divers // "Forgiveness" - single cover