After a few quiet and strange months, Deaf Surf share their official video for ‘Sofa’.
Watch it now on the Deaf Surf YouTube channel.

Born in March 2019 from the ashes of previous bands from the Brighton music scene, Deaf Surf debuts with a raucous single, the result of the union of the musical influences its members share and the desire to do something different.

Addressing topics such as gender equality, mental health and social media, Chloe (bass), Dave (drums), Manon (vocals and lyrics) and Louis (guitars) show off a guitar-driven punk rock number in typical Brighton style: a raw and genuine song, enriched by an exciting, high-octane blend based on grunge.

With a good dose of punk anger at its roots, ‘Sofa’ is a jagged gathering of anguish and self-loathing that comes from FOMO, a turbulent musical reflection that refers vividly to the bitterness of our lives, virtually lived indirectly.

Another, another, another adventure from my sofa

Showing off a tight and overwhelming crescendo, the debut single of Dead Surf sounds like a launching pad from which they catapult all the incisiveness of their musical message in our direction, bringing us a debut release not to be missed. They’re showing, and right from the start, that they are a band to keep an eye on during this year!

‘Sofa’ was recorded and produced by Boe Weaver in January of this year, at the Humbug Studio on the Isle of Wight (UK); published on February 28 through Slingshot Records, the single is available on all streaming services.

Deaf Surf // Sofa - single artwork
Deaf Surf // Sofa - single artwork

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