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From the fusion music and mystery, sounds and mysticism, conceived by the Italian-Czech Max Cossu, aka Deadphonecalls, comes a biting, grunge, and incisive Pop/Rock number “Revolution Day”.

The acronym DPC – Dead Phone Calls – refers to the so-called “phone calls from the dead” phenomenon, in which people literally receive phone calls from a deceased person.

A phenomenon quite widespread today, it has inspired several books and magazines aimed at the followers of this type of event and the EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Dedicated to trying to grasp the vibrations of other unknown dimensions and aiming to organize them into music, Deadphonecalls is one certainly fascinated by unusual and strange phenomena, unknown universes, unsolved mysteries, and all that is simply “strange.”

After devoting himself to various bands’ projects between Italy and the Czech Republic, Max Cossu decided to focus on his solo project and develop his own music.

His most recent work, the video clip for “RevolutionDay,” is a Pop / Rock issue in which Max effectively condenses the most recent vision.

Biting, grunge, and incisive, it seems that Cossu is only at the beginning of a new and exciting artistic path.

We will keep him on our radar because we have the impression that the pulp universe made of whites and blacks, visual as sound, will soon lead him to extrapolate something new from the other world he is interested in.

Watch now Revolution Day, the latest Video by Deadphonecalls, available in streaming on YouTube.


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