After the two albums ‘A Voice in the Wilderness’, volume 1 and 2, the four singles ‘Christmas Eve Forever’, ‘Love You More’, ‘Flying’, and ‘That Was Then This Is Now’, and surpassing over 30 millions of streams on various music platforms, the Canadian record artist David Vaters returns with a magnificent new single: ‘Freed From Jail’.

Armed with the power of a richly detailed and permeating songwriting and his soulful vocals, David Vaters is a talented artist who can already boast tags such as that of “true musical treasure”. This recognition is not just a coat of arms hanging on a lapel, because it was rightly credited by the hundreds of thousands of fans that Vaters earned with his debut album ‘A Voice in the Wilderness vol. 1’, in 2017.

Today, ahead of the release of Volume 3, announced for September 20, 2020, Vaters returns to the spotlight with a new number of compelling country rock. David’s new single is part of a series of singles that the artist will release on the 20th of each month.

David Vaters // Freed from Jail - single cover

This is how this prolific, if not volcanic, artist brings us a mix of new music that stands at the engaging crossroads between a newer country and more classic rock. But what Vaters offers with ‘Freed From Jail’ is more than a perfectly successful exercise in style.

With ‘Freed From Jail’ Vaters gives the listeners a message of hope during these difficult times we are all facing now all over the world. “Even though things look dim now, and we are all trying to figure out how to be safe yet still live our lives as we once did, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will be freed from this virus!” said Vaters.

The song brings in an inspirational and redeeming message for all of us, taken from a story of true life that David wrote about. Vaters recalls that, “someone very close to me recently fought back and won over a period in his life where he lost literally everything. After years of drug and alcohol abuse and then going to jail he hit rock bottom.

Most people would have given up after losing your wife, kids, home, car. But he didn’t. He’s clean now, set free of his addictions, reunited with his kids, has a job and a new business on the side. I thought it was so inspiring I wrote this song about his life in the hope it may help others! “

Pairing his organic and transparent songwriting with a classic sound and his breathy, raspy voice, Vaters gives us a guidance to solidify and strengthen our faith and love in our beacons of life, whatever you may call it: God, country or your fellow man .

Vaters is a veteran performer and songwriter, and with this song he fully demonstrates his artistic caliber once again. And it does without calling in any of those clickbait words that are becoming a sort of catchphrase of the moment. If this isn’t a masterpiece of musicianship, what could be?

Listen now to ‘Freedom from Jail’, the latest single of David Vaters, and find out more about his music, checking the links below: