Over 25 million streams and visualizations on digital platforms in just 3 years. # 1  Singer Songwriter on Reverbnation Worldwide in 2019 and on Reverb Christian Music Chart for USA and Worldwide in 2017. # 2 top selling album in the April 2017 on iTunes Mexico. # 2 on Reverb Singer / Songwriter chart in Nashville in May 2017.

In the wake of the success and feedback from thousands of fans flocked around his first two albums ‘A Voice in the Wilderness, volume 1 and 2’, David Vaters returns to show off his evocative musical power enhanced by his richly detailed songwriting, with the new single ‘Flying’.

With a fresh boost of uplifting energy, Vaters releases a new song that brings his sound to an even higher and more engaging level than it already was. While referring closely to sounds reminiscent of classic Americana, the new work by this talented Canadian artist is a formidable listening experience in country rock key, through which he exhibits a progressive approach, enriched by a brilliance stemming from the themes of “spirituality and human condition” that inspired David in writing this new work.

This is how, drawing inspiration from his life experiences and personal beliefs, Vaters gives us a splendid wide-ranging song, that with resonant effect extends and permeates the entire sound spectrum like wide-open wings.

Through the organic nature and masterful balance of the saturation of the mix, the fullness of the musical delivery is enhanced by David’s vocal performance. Everything sounds deeply imbued with that spiritual and human awareness that is at the root of the theme of the song, giving the composition an exquisitely unique shine in today’s music scene.

Everything is different now
I'm flying and looking down
It's better than I thought it was
I'm flying with angels now

With uplifting lyrics on an engaging rhythmic bed, ‘Flying’ sounds like a balm to soothe the soul. it is a truly great song, one of those that go straight to your heart, an unmissable breath of oxygen in the crowded world of disposable music.

David Vaters // Flying - single cover
David Vaters // Flying - single cover

Released on February 2, 2020, ‘Flying’ is the third single released by David Vaters, also available in extended version. Listen to it now on your favorite digital platform by visiting the link https://ffm.to/4kmj0rg

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