In preview on Nova Music blog, we talk about “Judgment Day“, multitalented musician David Allen‘s latest single from the album “Regrets and Retribution“, to be released on February 7th.

With “Judgment Day” Allen gives us a song with a formidable sound, that stands out for the incisiveness and involvement that it’s capable of offering from the very first moment.

The single has a texture full of colors and character, able of developing the musical message through an exquisitely dynamic arrangement made of tiny details and variations that follow each other incessantly, in an incredibly natural way.

On top of all this stands the genuine and distinctive touch of Allen’s vocal timbre. Gruff and full of warm, heavy nuances, at times tinged by a certain roughness, David’s performance is the perfect medium that conveys the dark theme of the song.

The sum of all these elements creates a meaningful sound scenario, inside which every element is allowed to have the right degree of freedom. In the weave of the song, the various threads move intertwining, creating musical figures that change as they develop, without ever distorting the song.

David Allen‘s “Judgment Day” is an unmissable release that caught all our attention. After this premise, we can’t wait to listen to the entirety of “Regrets and Retribution“.

While waiting for the release of “Judgment Day“,
scheduled for February 7, 2020, follow David Allen on:

David Allen // "Judgement Day" - single cover
David Allen // "Judgement Day" - single cover