Dave Munsick released “The Songteller”, his new 13-track album, which plays a genuine and peaceful country.

With over fifty years of career, performer, educator and writer Dave Munsick has developed refined composing skills. His background gave him a unique perspective on life, to capture its true essence and turn it into songs.

With “The Songteller”, Munsick shows his creative approach and his artistic spirit, recounting the whole West in a vivid and lived way. In “The Songteller” Dave narrates the magic of those places and their stories.

The instrumental arrangements and performances are wonderfully fused in a carefully designed production,  its result being a clear and clean sound, perfectly calibrated to guarantee an impeccable delivery.

Dave’s voice has the right level of immediacy, balanced on the arrangements to give the right support to the stories told.

Dave Munsick // "The Songteller" - album cover
Dave Munsick // "The Songteller" - album cover

The result of his writing efforts over the past four years, “The Songteller” is an album in which Munsick put all of himself. Giving us a pure delivery,  not contaminated by worries and cynicism, Munsick makes us fly towards exquisitely unique places, stories and sensations.

Listen now to “The Songteller” by Dave Munsick, available on your preferred digital platform [ here ], and watch its video presentation on Youtube [ here ].

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