An immersive night spent dancing to the innovative and transversal music of Datastar. Here’s what’s coming from this eclectic songwriting and music production collective.

Based in New York City, Datastar exhibits a picturesque EDM, colored by the various drifts of club and house music, blurred with pop, rock and hip-hop influences.

This creative multitude comes to life in the form of music with the Don’t Panic EP, a 4-track release well-worth discovering.

The EP starts out with the title track, a perfect introduction to the creative and compelling eclecticism of this release. An irresistible invitation to dance, the song’s uplifting flow is something that gets under your skin. At the rate of “Slide, bounce, don’t panic!”, it creeps up from your fingers like a slight electric charge, rising up to take control of every cell in your body, making it follow a never predictable beat.

The production collective Datastar comes to life in the form of music with the Don't Panic EP, a 4-track release well-worth discovering.

Just Like That portrays a more psychedelic vein of Datastar. Future house vibrations are emphasized by a bouncing bass and kick combo, which makes the piece walk, and a whispering voice that gives the track an almost ethereal touch. It’s a production built in a remarkable way, with key elements conceived with purpose and well placed within the mix.

With Nardo Datastar go even further. Here we understand that although intriguing and interesting, the first two tracks were only a prelude to something more. The song opens up a window beyond which we find all the vastness and depth of a radiant soundscape, in which Datastar invite us to live in first person.

Distinguished by a dark sound texture, the final track, Blackheart, is a hypnotic twist that differs decidedly from the rest of the EP. It’s an introspective instrumental dissertation, with a visceral and meditative crescendo development, sealed by a suspenseful finale, which sounds like a “to be continued” sign.

With these 4 tracks Datastar therefore show that they have the potential to move in all types of creative directions in the future.

We look forward to seeing which they will choose.

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