Darshae Kiér is a pop artist based in Miami, FL (USA). After his parents’ untimely death, he entered the foster care system, moving from one foster home to the next. Despite a hard start in life, Darshae is determined to live life to its fullest and with positivity, creating a sound and a community for himself.

Darshae recently released “Translation“, his latest single, which is no exception in spreading his message of hope and inspiration. In “Translation“, Darshae Kiér balances pop sensibilities with a slightly retro-electronic touch, spiced up by a raggaeton rhythm. A general finish that combines contemporary tones  with the comforting embrace of past times.

Built on the basis of a simple structure and mix, “Translations” is a contagious number that impresses its listeners thanks to a catchy melody enriched by colorful vocals, with numerous vocal and instrumental effects. These accuracies help add an electronic warmth to the multiple layers of the song’s soundscape, which comes as a unique and solid delivery. An authentic and energetic performance.

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