After the success of his previous release titled “Translation” (we recently talked about it on Nova Music blog, if you missed the article you can read it right here), Miamian pop artist Darshae Kiér and his music once more make the news, this time thanks to “Halasana Girl“.

With this song published last September,  Kiér gives us a new dose of his captivating vocal tone in all its fascinating and engaging facets, perfectly set in a pop number that harmoniously blends in  reggaeton nuances.

Halasana Girl” is a melodious song that develops very well on a catchy rhythm. The colorful vocals introduce a spicy element that opens and enriches the whole mix, making it fresh and airy.

A production that resounds of contemporary vibrations, with a sinuous little retro touch, making it a perfect combination for today’s music. A new hit for Darshae Kiér. Once again, more great music for us.

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