Darren James is a fine and perceptive singer-songwriter, capable of writing touching, poignant and fun songs, characterized by an authentic and human touch, strong melodies, big choruses and music that’s easy to fall in love with.

All this is the creative richness of the expressive world that we found in “Better Late Than Never“, the debut album from Darren James, which will be released on February 29th with Sonar Records.

Sondar Record gave us a preview of 4 of the 10 original songs that make up the entire album. Just enough to grasp the full depth of Darren’s musical delivery. In his songs everything, from arrangements to vocal and instrumental performance, chase, support and seal each other with a coherence, a freshness and an emotional involvement that are touching and wide-ranging.

Produced by Nick Brine, engineer already known for having worked with stellar artists (Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, Robbie Williams, Stereophonics, The Verve and many others), “Better Late Than Never” is a pop rock album with folk roots of formidable quality.

Darren’s songs are storytelling plots based on observing real-life experiences. Through uplifting songs, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, he tackles topics such as love, relationships, loss and happiness. In a nutshell, the life of all of us, of everyday.

Find out more about Darren James and his forthcoming debut album “Better Late Than Never“, expected next February 29th, on Sondar Records website.

Darren James
Darren James